Anabasis | Battle of Fort

4.–6. 10. 2019

Nordica is a hardcore battle larp with a fantasy setting, by the joint team of Battle of Fort and Anabasis event creators. Nordica provides a solid hardcore fight experience, well-designed battle scenarios, unit-focused objectives, narrators conveying the story, and finally, no lengthy marches. An Anabasis-like story, a Battle of Fort-like atmosphere and a party like in Valhalla!


Fight style
Roughness and intensity of the fight are a bit lower than at the Fort event but higher than at Anabasis events. We call it "hardcore fight".
The game loosely follows the Anabasis storyline about a conflict between barbarian Northerners and a civilized Empire. The vagueness of the setting is intentional. Common medieval or low fantasy soldier costumes are preferred, ideally of darker colors and without distinctive elements (like elven ears, orc masks, or bold colors).
We want to tell a story of the ordinary soldiers and their units. The story is relayed via narrators. Narrators recount the interesting events that happened on the battlefield.
Battles are scenario-driven. Both sides are divided into smaller units. The units receive written assignments specifying their objectives in a given scenario. There will be no long marches.
Time plan
The battle will start on Saturday early afternoon because we want the players to be well rested and not hung over. The action will last until dark, though.
The goals of Nordica are to have fun, to have a good fight, and to enjoy the atmosphere. All elements are designed to support these goals. And of course, there will be a hell of a party.
Afri, Antik, Bjorn, Deff, Lukáš, Třešťa, Vojcek